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Gwenola Ricordeau

Gwenola Ricordeau est féministe et milite pour l’abolition du système pénal. Originaire de France où elle a fait ses études et a débuté sa carrière académique, elle habite depuis 2017 en Californie du Nord et elle est professeure associée en justice criminelle à la California State University, Chico.

Gwenola Ricordeau is a feminist and a penal abolitionist. Originally from France where she obtained her PhD and began her academic career, she lives in Northern California since 2017 and she is an associate professor of Criminal Justice at the California State University, Chico. She has devoted most of her research to relatives of prisoners and gender and sexuality in prison. Her recent work focus on the representations (especially in movies and museums) of the penal system. She has also conducted research in the Philippines on marriage migrations, feminism and women in politics.


1312 raisons d'abolir la police, dir.(2023)


Crimes et Peines. Penser l'abolitionnisme penal (2021)

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